PortaPilot VNAV for C172L and newer (Two-Axes)

PortaPilot VNAV for C172L and newer (Two-Axes)

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Clamp-on Two-Axes autopilot control that fits in your flight bag.  No professional installation required.  Compatible with Cessna Skyhawk 172L and newer

This product is not certified or endorsed by the FAA or any other governmental or non-governmental agency.


PortaPilot VNAV edition features Two-Axes autopilot control for your light aircraft.   This Portable, carry-on device quickly attaches and detaches in flight with a single motion, allowing you to rapidly change between manual and assisted flight.


Best of all,  installation can be completed in a matter of minutes by the pilot, with no modifications to the airplane.


Compatible with Cessna Skyhawk 172L and newer with 14V power available.  Comes standard with 4.5" Actuator Cable and 18" Power Cable.  Be sure to see our compatibility page for more details.



  • Wing Levelling
  • Heading Hold*
  • Flight Plan Tracking*
  • Altitude Hold
  • Course Reversal
  • Compatible with GPS navigators

* Requires GPS



  • PortaPilot Main Assembly (NAV or VNAV Model)
    • Cessna 172 Yoke Collar Clamp (YCC) set
    • Cessna 172 Yoke Clamp (YC) set
    • Two Axes Actuator Assembly (AA)
  • Control Module
  • User Interface (UI)
  • UI cable
  • 4.5" Actuator cable (YCC to Control Module)
  • 18" Power cable
  • GPS cable (bare wire to 2.5mm plug)