Compatibility Information

Determine if the PortaPilot Portable Autopilot system is compatible with your aircraft

Compatible Aircraft

The PortaPilot is currently compatible with Cessna 172, L and newer models (see power requirements).  Some early C172 L models, may have a incompatible yoke collar.  Please see the image below to verify.  Other models of Cessna are not currently compatible.  Cessna 150, 152, and earlier models of 172 are currently in development.

Power Requirements

Currently, the PortaPilot (Rev. C) requires 12-14VDC to operate.  Aircraft with 28V systems require the optional PortaPilot Voltage Reducing Cable, PortaPilot Backup Battery (available soon), or installing an aftermarket 14V outlet.


Connecting a Rev. C PortaPilot to a 24V system will permanently damage the electronics.


Spacer Requirements

Due to variability in elevator rigging from aircraft to aircraft, a spacer may be necessary to position the Yoke Clamp Fork correctly.  This is done in order to optimize the range of motion of the Elevator. To determine if a spacer is required, fly the aircraft trimmed for Straight and Level flight (without the PortaPilot installed) at an altitude and power setting you typically fly on cross country trips.  When stable and safe to do so, measure the distance between the end of the Yoke Collar and the beginning of the Yoke as shown below (pictured on ground for demonstration only).

Example measurement of 4.5" (No spacer required)

Refer to the table below to determine if a spacer is required.  Spacer kits come with the spacer(s) and three fasteners.  The spacer must be placed between the Yoke Clamp and the Fork, using a small amount of blue loc-tite or similar on the fasteners. Please contact us if you need a spacer.