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Compatibility Information

Determine if the PortaPilot Portable Autopilot system is compatible with your aircraft

Compatible Aircraft

We are always working on expanding our compatibility with more aircraft. 


At the moment, the PortaPilot is currently compatible with the following aircraft:

Cessna 150L* and newer

Cessna 152

Cessna 172L* and newer


*Some early 172 and 150L models may have a incompatible yoke collar.  Please see the image below to verify compatibility.  Please note that the gust lock hole must be oriented vertically. 


Power Requirements

The PortaPilot requires 12-14VDC to operate.  Aircraft with 28V systems require the optional PortaPilot Voltage Reducing Cable.


Connecting a PortaPilot to a voltage greater than 14VDC will permanently damage the electronics and void the warranty.

Power Requirements
Comptible Aicraft

Straight & Level Yoke Extension Measurement

Due to variability in elevator rigging from aircraft to aircraft, spacer(s) may be required to optimize the range of motion of the PortaPilot. Fly the aircraft trimmed for Straight and Level flight (without the PortaPilot installed) at an altitude and power setting you typically fly on cross country trips.  When stable and safe to do so, measure the distance between the end of the Yoke Collar and the beginning of the Yoke as shown below (pictured on ground for demonstration only).

Example measurement of 4.5" (No spacer required)

Refer to the table below to determine if a spacer is required.  We will include the correct spacer with PortaPilot purchase, at no additional charge. Please contact us if you need a spacer.

GPS Compatibility

The PortaPilot is compatible with most GPS devices, both panel mounted and portable.  To verify compatibility, please ensure your GPS device can provide a wired serial data output connection, with RS-232 NMEA0183 OR Aviation data, at a compatible 4,800 or 9,600 Baud Rate.

You may need to purchase a serial output cable specific to your GPS device, particularly in the case of portable GPS devices.  If you are unsure, please refer to the manual of your GPS device, or contact us!

Even many low cost, non-aviation portable GPS units may be used; however as they do not have direct-to or flight plan capability, they limit the PortaPilot GPS related functionality to heading hold (HLD). Here are some examples of compatible GPS devices, this is by no means an exhaustive list of compatible devices:

Garmin GPS 175

Garmin GNX 375

Garmin GNX 355

Garmin GNS 430

Garmin GNS 480

Garmin GNS 530

Garmin GTN 650

Garmin GTN 750

Garmin Aera 660

Garmin Aera 760

Garmin GPS Map 696

Garmin GPS Pilot III

And many more

Spacer requirements
GPS Compatibility
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