PortaPilot Nav edition is a portable, carry-on device that provides full aileron autopilot control, and fits in your flight bag.  No professional installation is required.

PortaPilot VNAV (2-axis)

  • PortaPilot Nav edition features 1-axis aileron autopilot control for your light aircraft.   This Portable, carry-on device quickly attaches and detaches in flight with a single motion, allowing you to rapidly change between manual and assisted flight, for the utmost in safety during flight. 


    Best of all,  installation can be completed in a matter of minutes by the pilot, with no permanent modifications to the airplane.


    Currently compatible with Cessna Skyhawk 172, with more to come.



    • Wing Levelling
    • Heading Lock
    • Turn-Around 
    • GPS Integration
    • Course Following


    Some assembly is required.

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